Honorable Few – Capt. J.J. Harris

Marine Corps League Detachment #1302

Tell us, Marines: What made you decide not to reenlist?

Are you a Marine who decided to depart the Marine Corps after one or two enlistments?

We want to know:

• If you are on active duty but about to transition out, why are you leaving?

If you are reenlisting, why are you staying?

• If you are now a civilian, why did you leave, and what would it have taken for you to stay?

These Marine Corps jobs have the highest turnover

Contact Marine Corps Times reporter Irene Loewenson at irene.loewenson@militarytimes.com by Jan. 29 to share your experience.

While the Corps has seen an increase in the number of Marines who decide to reenlist, many Marines still leave each year. We think you can shed valuable insight on why.