Honorable Few – Capt. J.J. Harris

Marine Corps League Detachment #1302

This Navy legend reenlisted in a Little Red Corvette

Sailors, restart your engines! It’s the fall back to base sale during these dealin’ days!

There’s no better place for America’s seaborne heroes to reenlist than in the front seat of America’s emblematic supercar: a bitchin’ Corvette convertible!

Beached off the California coast in a busted, over-priced Littoral Combat Ship? Stuck in the fourth ring of hell that is your ship’s maintenance avail in the yards?

Why not speed away to paradise in the dopest of the whips?

The only APR here is a perfect reenlistment.

But seriously, salute to this unidentified sailor who managed to have fun as he decided to stay Navy.

Guy re-enlisted in a Corvette at the Chevy dealership🤣
byu/newnoadeptness innavy

The fleet’s workday is long, difficult and often dangerous, so good on this shipmate and his chain of command for not taking things too seriously when seriousness wasn’t demanded.

We’ve chronicled cool reenlistment spots before, and while atop a ship anchor is still the winner, this one sits firmly in the top five.

Is this the best reenlistment location ever?

Over at Military Times, Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” has stayed stuck on loop in our heads ever since this wonderful reenlistment moment popped up in our late-night Reddit scroll.

To paraphrase the late, great icon, “Little Red Corvette, shipmate you’re much too fast.”